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Safety Notices
"Take it Easy Your Body will Thank You"
LIGO Stop Work Policy
LIGO Stop Work Form
LIGO Lab Stop Work Orders in Effect
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LIGO Stop Work Order Archive
SURF Student Escort Restrictions
Caltech LIGO SURF Student Safety Information
  • SURF students are not authorized to act as guides in LIGO laser facilities.
LIGO Satellite Phones
  • The satellite phones are specifically available and used as a resource for emergency communications between the two observatories and LIGO management located at Caltech.
Make Safety Everyone's Concern
  • LIGO Safety would like to ask all personnel to look out for your fellow workers, including contract personnel who may be performing work at one of our facilities. If you happen to notice an unsafe act or believe that something doesn't seem safe, report it immediately to a supervisor. Watching out for each other is the best way to ensure a safe work environment.
    *** Remember... LIGO Lab Safety has a dedicated system for reporting these types of issues, which is called the Good Catch report. Whenever a good catch is reported, it is investigated just as if an incident did occur. This valuable information is then documented and communicated to the LIGO community in the form of a lesson learned, in an attempt to prevent an injury or damages from occurring.

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